Friday, August 27, 2010

Kindle and iBook

I paid a wonderful company to create file conversions so that I can publish my book as a Kindle and an iBook. The company is and they do not even bill you until you feel the files and everything are perfect. I am pretty talented at the whole changing files stuff and tried to do it myself, but seriously don't even bother. It cost me $150 for both converted file formates which is less then it would cost me in frustration and lost writing time. I also asked LuLu about help with converting the file but they asked $200 for only the iBook format. In this situation I am glad I chose the other company. Still lov'n LuLu, you just have to take each of your needs and do your research.

Book sales are practically non-existent for me, but it has been only four weeks and I am competing with a mind boggling amount of competitors. I can only scream, "But mine is insanely fun," so loud. I just keep telling myself that this was an experiment and move on to my next challenge.

Have a great day.

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ibpurpledragon said...

good info and good luck with your book, great cover!