Sunday, April 24, 2011

As Time Passes Through an Hour Glass

So, as I said before, everything in publishing books takes forever. I've had to get a fulltime job which in this economy was a life saver. But this means writing goes on the back burner, and if I had ever intended to do book signings (which kinda freak me out) or any advertising really, I certainly don't have the time or financial ability. Sure my co-workers are reading my book and even passing the word on to their families (yea!), but getting the news out to the world that I've written this fun novel just aint gonna happen.

Would I suggest you go through all of this? Maybe. Ya, maybe not. Seems like a waist of money. Write the great novel and post it on Kindle like everyone else. People say they love reading real books, but they only buy books fed to them by major publishers who only represent celebrities or their family members or proven authors that were discovered years ago that churn out novel after novel. If the average American reader is willing to read an unknown author, they will only pay .99 for it. And that means you aren't going to even be able to buy food.

I have to go back to my job on the midnight shift. Sleep tight world.