Thursday, January 6, 2011

Blockbuster bankruptcy, HA

So, blockbuster is staring bankruptcy in the eyes and are probably surprised by it all. Idiots. Maybe they should stop doing business with the old fashioned publishing mafia and open their doors, and shelves, to modern on-demand publishers. A business shouldn't continue that locks out artists for no real good reason.

Here is my plan for saving the brick and mortar book store, add space in every section in every store for self published and print on-demand authors. Give local authors the spots first, but then trust your managers to find gems. This would mean every store would have different choices making shopping delightful.

And for those who have missed me on the net, I had to remove myself completely which has left me no ability to advertise. But, the awesome thing is that people are still buying my book. If you include England sales, I just sold book 100!

Thanks to every kind soul who tells a friend about my book, and my complete gratitudes for those who trust these kind souls and spend their hard earned money on my silly little story.