Sunday, April 24, 2011

As Time Passes Through an Hour Glass

So, as I said before, everything in publishing books takes forever. I've had to get a fulltime job which in this economy was a life saver. But this means writing goes on the back burner, and if I had ever intended to do book signings (which kinda freak me out) or any advertising really, I certainly don't have the time or financial ability. Sure my co-workers are reading my book and even passing the word on to their families (yea!), but getting the news out to the world that I've written this fun novel just aint gonna happen.

Would I suggest you go through all of this? Maybe. Ya, maybe not. Seems like a waist of money. Write the great novel and post it on Kindle like everyone else. People say they love reading real books, but they only buy books fed to them by major publishers who only represent celebrities or their family members or proven authors that were discovered years ago that churn out novel after novel. If the average American reader is willing to read an unknown author, they will only pay .99 for it. And that means you aren't going to even be able to buy food.

I have to go back to my job on the midnight shift. Sleep tight world.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Blockbuster bankruptcy, HA

So, blockbuster is staring bankruptcy in the eyes and are probably surprised by it all. Idiots. Maybe they should stop doing business with the old fashioned publishing mafia and open their doors, and shelves, to modern on-demand publishers. A business shouldn't continue that locks out artists for no real good reason.

Here is my plan for saving the brick and mortar book store, add space in every section in every store for self published and print on-demand authors. Give local authors the spots first, but then trust your managers to find gems. This would mean every store would have different choices making shopping delightful.

And for those who have missed me on the net, I had to remove myself completely which has left me no ability to advertise. But, the awesome thing is that people are still buying my book. If you include England sales, I just sold book 100!

Thanks to every kind soul who tells a friend about my book, and my complete gratitudes for those who trust these kind souls and spend their hard earned money on my silly little story.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

I Have the Power

HA, LuLu has now given me the power to control the price of my book. They have a new tool that let's me set a discount price just like the major bookstores do. See, here is the crap deal shoved down your throat if you wan't your book on sites like Barnes and Noble- they set the royalty amount and then charge customers whatever they want. Eventually, most all books end up like $9.99, but retail stays like $18.89. But now LuLu has given me the ability to set the price from my print-on-demand publisher just as competitive! Ya planet! You may be able to buy my book for $9.99 at major stores someday, but you can buy my book right now for $11.89 at

Saturday, October 16, 2010

What is a Guest Blog? Click here to see mine.

I learned a new thing this week which is not surprising cuz I don't know much. There is this thing called a "guest blog" and it is a great way of getting free advertising. I signed up to do one like a long time ago and this week I got an email reminding me. Well, I actually had no idea what I was supposed to do. Did they call me? Did they email questions? Did I call them?

So here it is, you write a blurb and they post it on their webpage with a cover of your book. How cool is that? I applied the tricks you are supposed to apply when sending inquiries to agents/publishers only i kept in mind that I wanted people to actually buy the book. The main thing I tried to do was to give the reader of the blog some idea of how I write. I am sure it sucks, but I am a neurotic writer. The blog owner was beyond kind in adding a small bit about how her daughter couldn't put the book down like ever.

Guest blogs are proof that people out there are really awesome.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Book Stores are Killing Themselves

Ok, so here is some info you need if you are considering print-on-demand publishing with any company that will get your books to a major distributer- major bookstores, like Barnes and Nobel, will not allow your customers to return it. For the life of me I can not figure out what the difference is, but I am sure it has something to do with archaic distribution methods that they are unwilling to change. So, if your customer receives a book that was defective, through no fault of their own, that person is screwed.

One more thing, print-on-demand books are not welcome in the stores. They will placate you and say that a committee will review it, but if you are not a friend or relative it ain't happening. I appreciate the honesty of the regional manger at Barnes and Nobel.

These issues will become more and prevalent as more of us choose to be environmentally responsible with our art. So, the moral of this story is that people need to buy electronic or go to a print-on-demand publisher like to purchase an actual book, they have most all of them now, if you want to be green.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Social Media is All

Facebook has been almost solely responsible for all of my book sales. I paid for a press release and tons of people looked at my book, but not one sale. I sent free copies to family and I sold like 3 books from their recommendations. I sent out free books to Facebook friends and thanks to their raves on Facebook I've sold books. I am not even sure how many books were sold thanks to the reviews written on, but it wasn't very many at all.

Fact 1- people don't have much money at all.
Fact 2- people are not forking out $20 bucks for a book unless it is an impulse buy at the store, or unless a person they trust recommends it. And then, they won't always go through the hassle of ordering it online and waiting for it in the mail.
Fact 3- Publishers who have exclusive rights to bookstore shelves (unless you jump through fire laden hoops) generally only want friend's family and famous people to work with.
Fact 4- The only reason anyone is buying my book is because it is actually good. PRODUCT FIRST! You must create an amazing product!

PS, this blog has resulted in zero sales. I did however send a book to reader in Australia, cuz you can buy the book there I swear, thank you, thank you, thank you!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Promotion is Crazy

So I spend most of my day trying to get people to read my book and seeing what type of assets have magically showed up. You can now buy my book in three online stores in Australia. I have no idea how to get anyone in Australia to even try my book, but it is still cool. I've sold most of my books through the Kindle store which wasn't even part of the whole LuLu publishing package, but I don't believe I would be selling most any of them without such a great looking cover. Every single one of my meager sales is due in total to a recommendation from someone else and a cool cover. I spent money to make a press release and I gave Facebook money to advertise my book resulting in absolutely no sales. People are friends of the book and will click that they like it, but no sales. One person puts that they loved the book on Kindle's facebook and WAM.

Moral of the story:
Write a great story that gives the reader what they want and give away your book so that you too can sell a few books.

The real moral:
Get a real job. Food good.