Tuesday, June 15, 2010

OMG, 35 errors

Ok, so my book will totally look like an amateur did it. I found 35 additional errors! I keep telling myself that people love it and want to read it like bad because I feel totally inadequate. I may not be the best editor, but I am a good story teller. I am I tell you. No wait that is me I am arguing with.

This self publishing thing is hard, and anyone who has a wonderful editor should feel blessed!

I quit fixing it and said to go ahead with printing. Oh, and you get 10 free changes after the formatting (with the publishing package I bought with LuLu). After that you can purchase 5 error changes for $40 each. If the errors reach $650 they will change whatever and just call it a 're-edit'. I spent $200. It was worth it and, yes, I know NOT everything was fixed.

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