Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Formatting is Set

I got the final formatting file. It still has errors, but I've been assured that the story is so good that readers will definitely still love the book. LuLu will print a copy with the cover art I chose and mail the actual book to me for final approval. This whole process has made me even more disgusted with the whole 'official' publishing system. I read an article telling authors that if they want to get published they need to write an absolutely amazing and entertaining story. Well, I have wasted a lot of my hard earned cash on crappy books in the hopes of finding these great novels.

Authors need to study their art before, during, and after writing their novel. I studied pre-19th century critics all the way through modern critics. I wanted to know what my reader needed and wanted, rather than what I wanted or needed. I learned this from teaching college English. It doesn't matter in the slightest what the teacher needs! This story is my attempt to entertain the reader who, like me, really enjoyed reading the Twilight book.

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