Monday, June 28, 2010

Oh, the waiting : (

I approved the cover and now we just wait for those 35 errors to be fixed in the formatting. Once that is done, they will adjust the cover to fit the number of pages in the book, and then they will send me a hard copy to give my final approval on. OMG, I am dying to hold this thing in my hands!!!!

Anyone interested in free copy just send me an email address or a physical address. I only ask that you write up a review (good or bad), and let me use it.

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angelia said...

I would love to have a free copy. I loved the Twilight books and have read them several times. I need some more vampire stories to take it's place. I would be happy to post a review on my blog when I am finished reading it! My email is and my blog is
I am also on linkreferral and will be posting a message and review to you there.