Thursday, July 15, 2010

Not what I thought

Ok, so figuring out how to charge for a book is still controlled by the bookstores. So, get this. If I want to make $1.34 off of every paperback book sold in a book store then I have to sell my book for $18.65. Let me say that again. $1.34 per book for years of writing, a bazzilion edits, all of the cost with publishing. Damn good thing I absolutely love my own story.

Buying books from my online publisher, LuLu, will allow me to keep $6.39 per book and I am pretty sure that includes shipping costs.

Keep in mind that I am using an earth friendly publisher, so books are only printed when ordered, but that means a longer wait time for the buyer. It took 3 days for the printer to print and ship my proof copy. And another 3-4 days for the post office to deliver it.

I had to pay two different companies to make my book files eBook friendly. $199 to get quality iBook files & $100 to get Kindle friendly files. I thought I could do it myself cuz I am pretty savvvy with files. Um, no. Pay people.

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